Cluster Notices

Documentation Down06-21-2022

Many of you have noticed that the documentation is currently not reachable. Due to an identified security vulnerability, our documentation page is only reachable from UMass Amherst campus networks (including from We anticipate having them available again by the end of the week, on a different platform.

Should you need any information in the meantime, please contact

Thank you for your patience!

Update 6/24: We've moved to self-hosting the docs so users can access from anywhere. The interface is slightly different, but all the documentation should be there.

New Modules System06-18-2022

This week, we will deploy a new modules system known as spack. You will notice a new module path when you run the command "module av".

Spack will allow us to install new software on the cluster significantly quicker and easier. In addition, spack allows us to build modules based on micro architecture (for example, skylake, zen2, cascade lake, etc.). This can have significant performance bonuses, however, not all applications take advantage of this.

Based on which compute node you are on, the "module load" command will auto load the correct module that was built for the micro architecture you are on.

All of the existing modules in the old modules system have been carried over, and new ones have also been added in line with lasting requests. The old module path is still active should you experience any issues with the new module path. If they are conflicting, you can remove the new modulepath from your "module av" command using the command "export MODULEPATH='/modules/modulefiles'"

Welcome Gypsum Users!12-22-2021

If you have any questions about using Unity, please email which is our ticketing system. You can find your storage available on /gypsum on every node of Unity. We run Ubuntu which is different from Gypsum, but our scheduler (slurm) is the same and should behave almost identically.